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A number of state or federal programs are available to help Learner Drivers get their driving license,  share information on becoming a Heavy Vehicle Driver, and provide guidance for Older Drivers to keep their driver license. Some programs require special certification. 

Our NSW DTA Members include their driving credentials on their Profile Page. Enter your suburb or region here to find a Member Driving Instructor.

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      Specialised Driver Training Programs

      PCYC Driver Education Programs

      PCYC is the largest provider of Driver Education Programs in NSW through 60+ PCYC facilities, including the NSW Safer Drivers Course. Taking the course entitles learners to 20 hours driving credit for their logbook and provides strategies to make safer driving decisions and behaviour. NSW DTA partners with PCYC to provide accredited Driving Instructors across the state for their programs.

      Find a PCYC across the state by postcode on their website and see Frequently Asked Questions.

      NSW Safer Drivers Course

      The Safer Drivers Course is now available at 250 locations in NSW including 60 PCYC Centres. It includes class time and instructor driving/coaching. It requires participants to

      • Hold a valid learner licence.
      • Be aged under 25 years.
      • Have completed a minimum of 50 log book hours of actual on-road driving (excluding any 3-for-1 bonus hours) and should include night driving.
      • Experience some hours of night driving

      Older Driver Assessor

      At age 85, in order to keep an unrestricted car driver’s licence, a practical driving test every second year (at 85, 87, 89 etc) is required in addition to a yearly medical examination.

      Driving Tests are given by a Roads and Maritime Services testing officer, or by assessment from an older driver assessor. A number of NSW DTA members have these qualifications.  Search by your NSW suburb at Find An Instructor.

      Heavy Vehicle Driver Training

      Getting a Heavy Vehicle driving license requires a Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) with a Registered Training Organisation. We have There are a number of Heavy Vehicle license classes. See more about each on the RMS link provided below or see details here from Transport NSW

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